Direct Mail

It’s pretty simple: You have a message you want to get to your customers, and we want to help you do it. No dealing with multiple vendors. No confusion over the logistics. Just one incredibly effective direct mail campaign that drives foot traffic, phone calls, or whatever else your dealership needs.

Plus, we’ll coordinate your direct mail campaign so it aligns perfectly with all your other advertising efforts provided by Stream. That way, your audience gets one unified and consistent message.


Your One-Stop Direct Mail Shop

List management

Building and cleaning lists of duplicate entries and errors, line by line.

In-house creative team

Our team of designers and copywriters will work with you to develop the look and direction of your direct mail piece.

Printing and mailing included

You focus on running your dealership; we’ll take care of the rest.

Co-op compliance

Dealing with a co-op? We make sure all your advertising meets co-op guidelines, unless you say otherwise.

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