Sales Acceleration

Getting More Buyers in Your Showroom

Sales Acceleration with Stream Companies is a time-tested practice that allows dealerships to throw their BDC and internet sales departments into overdrive by using cutting-edge tools and innovative tactics. You’ll learn from automotive retail experts how to streamline your revenue opportunity response process, improving the overall buyer experience and making the job of your sales team a whole lot easier.

The secret is in our unorthodox, but proven, approach to the dealership experience, where instead of helping you sell more cars, we show you how to help your customers buy cars. This creates a customer-focused sales funnel that can drastically increase the number of live showroom visits, as well as your dealership’s bottom line.

What’s Included?

WARNING: This isn’t a box full of pre-made phone scripts and cookie-cutter BDC templates that your team can learn overnight. This is a customized workflow methodology that’s been proven to increase sales by 15% or more, thanks to on-site, face-to-face support; process optimization; and in-depth reporting. Our automotive retail experts have decades of real-world, in-dealership experience covering multiple market types, sizes, and dealer setups. They’ve worked as general managers, marketing directors, sales managers, and BDC/internet department managers. That insight is what gives us the unique ability to develop strategic processes that work, tailored to your specific dealership’s needs.

Here are just some of the resources you’ll get with Sales Acceleration from Stream:

  • Process evaluation and implementation blueprint
  • Market-based opportunity analysis
  • Daily and weekly KPI checks and review
  • Workflow audits
  • On-site, in-store training with industry experts
  • Training materials

Creating Your Custom Blueprint

Before you can fine-tune your response management, our specialists will carefully review your current processes with you, learning the nuances of your dealership. Then, we’ll develop a personalized strategy for process optimization, implementation, and performance monitoring. From there, we’ll work one-on-one with your top management team to put the plan in motion, helping make adjustments and improvements along the way. From additional support to onboarding for new hires, your sales response team is available 24/7.

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